The personal loan that can be used to fund holidays, bills, car purchases and for many other purposes.

Contributor Capital have created a simple process where you will enjoy easy access to your application to keep you up to date with progress. You will also be able to access your loan 24/7 to keep yourself up to date and with all your repayments and to manage all aspects of your facility.

Once approved you can take just some of your funds or all and only pay interest on what you have taken.

By having access to your account, you may even be able to apply for additional funds, take back what you have repaid or make additional payments to pay off your loan quicker – it’s a win win…

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FLEXI-LOAN is your very own flexible financial friend.
FLEXI-LOAN is your very own flexible financial friend.
  • We will do all the work for you however once we have you take over
  • Simply apply for what you are looking for
  • We will assess and then make a decision
  • You will be advised via your selected email
  • If approved we will send you options for repayment terms
  • You accept the best loan product for your circumstances
  • You commit legally to the loan
  • You consent to the direct debit
  • Once you have satisfied our client due diligence requirements – passport & proof of address etc – your account is live
  • Log in to see your balance available and you can then request all or part of your loan
  • You will only be charged for what you have taken
  • Your repayments to us will be made via direct debit
  • Thereafter manage your loan as you wish including additional funds from your credit line – amend your repayments* – take back what you have paid*
  • You can also repay some or all to reduce your balance and save money



Q. Are you the lender or a broker?

A: We are authorised to lend therefore we are the lender. We do however operate as a broker as and when required.

Q. Can you lend in other jurisdictions?

A: At this time no, we can only lend in Guernsey however our Broker service allows us to operate in other jurisdictions, including Jersey and the UK.

Q. How much can i borrow on a Flexi-loan?

A: We start at £300 and any amount will be considered subject to your personal circumstances.

Q. Is this instant approval?

A: No however we operate a system that will provide us with all the information needed in order for us to make a quick decision.

Q. How can we speed up the decision process?

A: That’s a good question, if you provide as much information as possible from day one we can make quick decisions – for example you can upload your bank statements and any other information you feel will assist us in making a decision.

Q. Do you do credit searches?

A: Yes we do. As responsible lenders we must ensure that any decision is based on assessing your ability to repay, and, as importantly, allow you to still be able to repay should your personal circumstances change.

Q. What if i am unable to make a repayment?

A: This does happen and we should be the first people you contact. The benefits of a FLEXI-LOAN™ is that it assists in allowing amendments during the lifetime of the loan to help you through periods of uncertainty.

Q. Do you allow interest only repayments?

A: Absolutely. This is the flexibility that having a FLEXI-LOAN™ provides. We can allow interest only repayments in the right circumstances, what we do insist on though is that a repayment schedule is in place where the full loan is paid off over a reasonable time and that you are not repaying just the interest for a long period of time.