Use invoices to accelerate cash into your business

Cash flow is a huge consideration for any business and there are many reasons that drive cash flow fluctuations. For most small to medium sized businesses funds are inaccessible as they are held in customer invoices, and let’s face it, it does get tiring chasing clients and could ultimately tarnish those essential relationships that secure future business.

We can help you to release those funds with our simple and versatile Draw Account. Make cash flow work for you and accelerate funds into your business. Our easy to operate online system is available to you 24/7 and we can send funds the day you request them. There are no strings attached and your facility can grow as your business grows.

Use your invoices to accelerate cash into your business

Log in to our user friendly online system 

Immediate LIVE access to your account 24/7

Your money is transferred the same day you request it

No hidden set up or management fees applied to your account

You can grow your facility as your business grows

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