One of the most common difficulties faced by any business, irrelevant of size or years of operation is cash flow.

Take the following scenario for example; you have raised an invoice, clearly stating the deadline for payment and sent it to your customer in a timely manner. Then the due dates comes and goes and you have not received the money. Often without even so much as an explanation or apology. Sound familiar?

The problem can quickly snowball because, as a business, you have your own outgoings and payment deadlines to meet, so the stress can really begin to mount. Of course some businesses experience only the occasional late payment. Sadly many are blighted by clients who are perpetually late and struggle month to month.

There is also the additional complication of chasing late invoices. Communicating with the clients who are late at paying can be incredibly difficult, often awkward and can even risk turning a great relationship sour. Your business wants to nurture your client relationships and keep the communication between you to be as positive as possible.

So how can Contributor Capital help?

Contributor Capital are a finance company based in the Channel Islands offering professional finance to businesses across Jersey and Guernsey.

We offer elegant solutions to the problem described above by offering three core services:

Invoice Financing

You can rent our cash and use your invoices as security, release funds from your outstanding invoices and make your cash flow more predictable.

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Business Overdraft

This service works like a bank overdraft. It’s flexible and you can pay in and draw as needed. Helping you to generate sufficient capital for your funding needs?

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Loan Account

The Loan Account is for businesses looking for short term funding requirements, whether you’re looking to purchase some new stock for your online store or a vital piece of equipment that you cannot do without.

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Contributor Capital offer competitive rates. Terms & Conditions Apply.