Your partners in business At Contributor Capital we understand the challenges small businesses face and know that cash flow is a common hurdle to overcome. Our invoice financing solution allows our customers to turn outstanding sales invoices into available funds. Making your cash flow more predictable. INVOICE FINANCING Turn invoices into cash Our flexible business overdraft is perfect for businesses looking to grow and expand. When cashflow is unpredictable it can be hard to fund essentials purchases. Only pay for the money you are using - no standing charges and you can use the facility as you need it. BUSINESS OVERDRAFT Your partners in business Need to buy new stock or purchase an essential piece of kit? Look no further, the Loan Account is for businesses wishing to apply for short-term borrowing. Drive your business forward with Contributor Capital. Loans are issued on a case-by-case basis so we are keen to hear your story. LOAN ACCOUNT Rent our cash and grow

Invoice Financing

The fast and simple way to get your invoices paid straight away. Many businesses already use Contributor’s fast and effective solution where you control your finances*

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Business Overdraft

In today’s climate, where traditional banks are withdrawing or refusing overdrafts, Contributor’s Business Overdraft is specifically designed to provide capital for businesses when and where you need it most*

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Loan Account

We understand your business and your desire to grow. Contributor’s Loan Account will help you get there with funding for stock and equipment as and when you need it*

*Terms & Conditions Apply

Accelerate your cash into your business

Businesses large and small require capital. This is particularly the case for a growing business. At Contributor we truly understand these requirements as our team have experienced those issues at first hand where capital is in the business, but you just can’t get to it. We understand how businesses succeed and what is needed to get there. Contributor’s core products allows businesses to invest, grow, expand and succeed. Contributor has an envious track record in supporting local businesses and helping them become financially secure and ultimately successful. 

We understand your business

This is Contributor. The entrepreneurs choice.

Your invoices paid quicker

Invoice Financing allows your business to receive your money quicker than you may from your clients. Your client relationships are key to your business so our service takes away that awkwardness when your client leaves payment to the last minute or, dare we say, LATE! Your capital is tied up in your invoices and Invoice Finance gives you that much needed quick access to it*

Release your funds quickly

No need to wait weeks or even months for your money

You have control with full access to our online system 24/7

Same day funds subject to terms

*Terms & Conditions Apply


Raise capital for your funding needs

One of the biggest issues facing small businesses is lack of working capital. Traditional bank overdrafts are a great solution for irregular cash flow, however they are increasingly hard to obtain. At Contributor we partner with local businesses and want your enterprise to flourish as much as you do. Our Business Overdraft offers you the flexibility you need to create a more predictable financial situation.


Short term funding requirements

If you require a short term financing arrangement then our Loan Account is ideal for businesses who need a cash injection. Whether you’re wanting to fund a business opportunity with a guaranteed return on investment, you’re expanding your premises or you might need to purchase some essential equipment to carry out a project, Contributor Capital are excited to hear what you’re up to!

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